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Here's an example of what they look like: Your reading intentions are also stored in your profile for future reference. How do I set a reading intention To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side:. What is so often overlooked is that transgressive fiction, like the finger trap, works by playing on assumptions and appearances, and that it is a little joke at the reader's expense.

Anthony Julius has noted in his work.

Transgressions: the Offences of Art this. Mookerjee notes the role of the trickster narrator in transgressive texts:. While oral tradition, myth and.

The New Satiric Tradition

It therefore has a double consciousness, to borrow the Emersonian concept and one which joins the thematic and the formal. It proposes a Kantian or proto-Kantian insistence on the freedom of aesthetic play and employs this freedom to represent the chaos tamed by establishment literature. However, this can be taken further: it is the text itself, by its own essential nature, that is the trickster. The trick is on the reader, the narrator, the critic and the theorist.

Perhaps there is no "reason" at all apart from the play of language and an invitation to pointless and endless journeys of analysis and a slight feeling of Stockholm syndrome?

Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences Knowledge and Cultural Institutions in the Romantic Age Cambridg

As Mookerjee notes, "the trickster muddies high gods," but these gods include the genre, the reader, the theorist and itself. After all, it is the ultimate trickster that can make you sit through a. The rest of Mookerjee's argument also displays some small inconsistencies. In one chapter he makes three reasonable claims:. Many critics misread Menippean satire precisely because they read it through the lens of a specific belief system.

IJ I'Q. Alternatively, critics focus on the insult suffered by the body-sometimes only suggested-viewing this as a form of sensationalism. However, satire is constructed to frustrate attempts to read through any moral or philosophical system and to frustrate attempts to. Firstly, Mookerjee makes the succinct claim that transgressive fictions cannot be analysed through "the lens of a specific belief system" and then, elsewhere, recommends they be read as a form of social commentary, which tries to draw attention to any "systems which unify experience" and a "truth behind culture.

The second claim about critics focusing on the violent or violating elements is shrewd. However, after claiming that transgressive fiction "attempts to frustrate attempts to identify the author's intent" he then proceeds to discuss these authors' beliefs:. He then adds to this confusion by referring to authors and narrators interchangeably. This becomes almost maddening when he constantly refers to The Don from Will Self's work Cock and Bull and Will Self as though they are interchangeable this thankfully stops when he considers the work of Bret Easton Ellis and Irvine Welsh.

He also has a tendency to use an author's earlier work to fill in gaps and flatten out the ambiguity of these texts. This sits awkwardly with statements such. In comparing the narrator to the author Mookerjee also invites other critics to start down the slippery path of responsibility and censorship. Transgressive Fiction: The New Satiric.

What Mookerjee has contributed to the study of transgressive fiction is a solid history into its development and an examination of its multiple manifestations, though some of the texts selected don't really shelter under the transgressive umbrella. Mookerjee emphasises a "transgressive legacy" within these books, implying that a text becomes transgressive simply for containing abjection or "transgressive elements.

It must play with the expectation of analysis as well as violate and confront. Simply because a text deals with abjection and the grotesque does not make it transgressive; therefore selections like Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus sit awkwardly. Mookerjee has done a service in cooling a few myths about the nature of transgressive fiction: that it is not simply about shock value or controversy and that the ambiguous and mocking nature of transgressive fiction is essential to its appeal.

Mookerjee also provides the reader with an informative and well-considered. Read Free For 30 Days. Description: Book review for Mookerjee. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Transgressive Fiction: The New Satiric Tradition by Robin Mookerjee ·

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