e-book Angel Whispers: A Journey into the World of Earth’s Oldest Guardians

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Rossini, played by Jan Bluthardt, who is called to the police station before any further hookup can come to fruition. The shrink in blue is called there to examine the dazed and numb young cabdriver. But the entity that has taken control of the doctor wants something more. The film weaponizes repressed memories in a much different way than the "satanic panic" of the late s, lending itself to the possibilities inherent in infernal communion best explored by celluloid antiheroes.

I am saying that because it is true. While the director "vigorously" denies he studied any demonic works beyond "most of the classic movies on possession" and "some broad research on the nature of evil and what culture perceives as the devil," Den of Geek decided to play devil's advocate with some experts. The indie film's premise implies hypnotherapy has the power to change past events. While, basic physics prevents this from happening, in this dimension anyway, the idea of implanting a demonic entity through the breakdown of their memories is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Elena Mosaner , a certified hypnotherapist who appeared on the "Superhuman" episode of In Search Of, hasn't "seen any studies, research or any type of evidence to support" the idea someone can experience a demonic possession through hypnosis.

What Possesses People to Go to an Exorcist?

But she is "sure someone could tell you it is possible, although it would be purely based on someone's belief and belief only. Angel communicator Starr says she can you tell if someone is possessed by a demon rather than acting on an inner demon because "the person will act out of character. They may tell you about thoughts they have or nightmares. None of which are what you have known about the way the person thought or felt in the past.

They will have emotional and mental blockages. They can't concentrate on spiritual things or focus enough to read spiritual books. Grounded in the sciences of the mind, Mosaner admits she cannot tell if someone is possessed by the devil. Because there is no evidence the devil exists. Absolutely no evidence. Anyone of us can get angry, jealous, frustrated or envious. Emotions can get so ugly where a person could begin acting paranoid or switching moods.

Interpreting Our Dream About Angels

This doesn't mean it is devil acting out, even though it may look this way. It is just acting out the inner demon," though she is very quick to point out that even an "inner" demon is only a metaphor for the ego. The hypnotist believes the rites of exorcism work because they enforce the religiously-induced suggestion of possession. That's about it.

History of Earth-691 - Home of the (Original) Guardians of Galaxy

They are usually rough on the person even if they do work. I had several attached spirits removed by a hypnotherapist over 20 years ago.

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Devils, angels and people can reframe negative emotions, habits, and beliefs "through hypnosis," the hypnotherapist says. A person can gain a new awareness on their behavior, get more enlightened.


e-book Angel Whispers: A Journey into the World of Earth’s Oldest Guardians

You can call it exorcism if you want. Baphomet thinks possession is all an act, claiming "there are people who get paid to pretend they are possessed and will have a priest make it look like they are trying to cast a demon out of them. Many spiritual cultures revere the concept of surrendering their consciousness to the super-conscious. Even the inner circle of priests on the Fox series The Exorcist opened themselves up to let Satan take the wheel. A study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health found spirit possession beliefs "in 74 percent of a sample of societies in all parts of the world," according to Wikipedia.

Devotional trance exists in many traditions, including Buddhism, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam. When spirits possess you in Vodou, it's called chevalier, which means "'being ridden by the gods,'" says occult expert Marie Bargas , who straddles the entertainment and spiritual world as the Hollywood Witch.

Indie horror film Luz plays with sensory perception while tapping the collective subconscious.

Mosaner says the trances that occur in ritual are "very similar" to the hypnotic state when "characterized by alpha waves or theta waves captivity around the brain. In a ritual setting you tend to get into trance through some sort of repetition of a movement, mantra or music. Like dancing around the fire, repeating the same word, or some ritualistic sequence of a behavior. Trances that occur in ceremony can be more dramatic than what is usually recorded in the state of routine hypnosis.

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